New features in TeamEngine

At TeamEngine, we are constantly striving to be the best in our field. Nothing is more important to us than satisfied customers. This past year, we have received several requests regarding new features and we are happy to announce that we recently launched a major update. Here is a summary of our latest features.

Share annotations

Many users have requested a possibility to share their annotations with other users, and now their wish has been granted. Our latest update includes a brand-new feature that enables sharing of annotations to individual users and groups within the portal. In addition to this new feature we have added an overview of annotations where you can see all your document annotations as well as the annotations shared with you. Of course we added the possibility to show and hide individual user annotations as you choose.

Sharing annotations is now available in the web version of TeamEngine and will gradually be released to the apps.

For more instructions on how to do this, click here

Meeting minutes

It is now possible to make minute notes in your meeting agenda. These notes can easily be exported to create meeting minutes document. To make the process even more efficient, you may also create templates for the header and footer that will be added to the document.

For more instructions on how to do this, click here


For those using our directory we have added several improvements. The search function has been enhanced and sorting of the lists is more efficient.