About TeamEngine

What is TeamEngine?

TeamEngine is a web based collaboration tool designed to harmonize different working methods and to simplify the sharing of information, knowledge and documents with routines and working processes that apply to the entire working group. TeamEngine is a shared workspace that you and your group can access no matter where you are and no matter what time of the day because all the information is stored online. All you will need is a web browser and an Internet connection.

TeamEngine is built upon customizable modules for document management, calendar planning, discussions, distribution of responsibility and other functions that enable different types of collaboration, work contexts and project support.

Ready, set, go!

Website configuration and administration are easy with TeamEngine. Once you have decided on your group’s needs you can introduce TeamEngine quickly and easily, and you do not need to possess great technical competency to work with TeamEngine or to act as a Workspace Manager.

Communicate securely with your working group

Access to TeamEngine is restricted to authorized users, which means that the system cannot be accessed by anyone that has not been invited and authorized as a member. The information stored in TeamEngine as well as the modules and functions are controlled and authorization is given on an individual basis to members as well as to groups.

Unnecessary and heavy e-mail traffic can be avoided due to the fact that all the information is stored in an easily accessible workspace, which is one of the main advantages of using a collaboration tool. Users can also avoid having to send sensitive information via e-mail and the documents will always be stored in the correct version.


TeamEngine logs all the information in viewing history, amendment history and visitors logs that are available to all the members of a workspace. With the use of these logs, the group is able to easily trace documents and dialogue and will be able to control who will share the information.

Archiving and completion

No information will be locked to TeamEngine. Upon completion of a project, all contents of a workspace can be stored on a DVD for archiving.