My settings

My settings is always found when you have logged in to a portal, below your name at the very top. 

Contact information. The first tab allows you to review and edit all of your contact details. This tab is also where you may update your log in details.

Authentication methods. To enable other authentication methods for single sign-on in TeamEngine open this tab and click Activate next to selected method. It is important that the e-mail address with which you are registered in TeamEngine is exactly the same as the account you want to connect. 

Settings. This is where you can select whether you want regular activity reports from your portal, as well as select whether or not you would like to recieve our newsletters.

My portals. If you are member of more than one portal, open this tab to organise them as you please.

Signature. If you are an admin and/or regularly send information from your portal this is where you may customise your e-mail signature.

My devices. An overview of all devices on which you have downloaded and used the TeamEngine app. You can also Block the app on each device to remote wipe all content within it.

Legal. Privacy policy and User terms.

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