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New in TeamEngine

The FileViewer has a new design

The FileViewer that is used to open and read documents in TeamEngine has a new design. This includes thumbnails for page navigation and new features such as board book and a navigation menu.

Board book

By using the new board book you get a better overview of the agenda and the documents that belongs to a meeting. In a calendar entry there is a new button to open the board book.

Navigation menu

When you open a document in the FileViewer you can navigate between the files in the same folder using an easy navigation menu.

Thumbnails for page navigation

There are now thumbnails for page navigation in order to easily jump to the right page of the document. You will also see the annotation icon on pages where annotations have been made.

TeamEngine 10.4


Convert to PDF

You may now convert Word files directly to PDFs when uploaded to TeamEngine. Support is available for file types doc, docx, odt.

Open and make annotations
– improved usability for tablets

Enhanced user experience for those who use the product through the browser on Ipad and Android tablets.

Quick menu for editing annotations

You can now right-click or long-click (Ipad) on annotations to access different options for the note.

Change color and resize

You may now change color and resize annotations by using the quick menu. The quick menu opens by right clicking on the annotation or long clicking if on a mobile or tablet.

Move post-its

You may move post-it notes without using drag and drop. Right-click the post-it icon, choose Move from the pop-up menu, and click where on the page you wish to move your post-it.

Improved quality when previewing Office files

Faster and higher quality when previewing Office files directly in TeamEngine.

History for Send link to document list

As a workspace manager, you may now access the history for Send link to document list through the module settings.

Easier access to annotations in previous versions

Now it is easier to open old versions of files and access your private annotations in older versions.

Improved sorting of participants i calendars

The participant list is now sorted by participant status and then by the participant name.

Open and annotate from the reference list

You may now choose to open files in annotation mode directly from the reference list in a calendar meeting.

Decide which views is used

As a workspace manager, you may now set which views users may use in the forum. For example, if you wish users only to use the list view, you may now make this setting in the modular settings for every specific forum.

Improved sorting in forums

The sorting of what is new is updated. When a comment is created within a thread, the status of the thread is refreshed and the post is moved to the top of the page.

Reduced number of popups

Calendar entries and forum posts are now shown on the start page instead of in a popup.

TeamEngine 10.2


Login with Mobile BankID

It is now possible to log in with the Swedish Mobile BankID for enhanced security.

E-signing with Mobile BankID

Use the Swedish Mobile BankID as authentication when e-signing documents inside TeamEngine.

TeamEngine 10.1


Copy agenda

Now you may copy an agenda from a previous meeting, saving you time and effort. It may then be changed and adapted to the new meeting.

Show/hide item numbering

To enable your own numbering of the agenda you may hide the automated numbering in TeamEngine. Select or deselect the checkbox Show item numbering to turn on or off the automatic numbering.

New features in PDF viewer

Among other things new in the PDF viewer, you may now search a document, open password-protected PDFs, view PDFs table of contents and get a clear overview of pages containing annotations. The viewer also has a new design.

Rename files

Now it is even easier to rename a file directly in TeamEngine. Just click on the quick menu for the file and select Rename and enter a new name.

TeamEngine 10

New in TeamEngine 10


New design

TeamEngine has a new, more modern and more dynamic design.

New design of the portal

The portal, the page where you see your different workspaces has been given a new look.

Customize the workspace

Now you have even more opportunities for customization of the workspace. Select custom colors, new banner, images and upload your own logo.

New top menu

In the new menu you will find many important functions, for instance admin and members. Under your name you will find my settings, log out as well as the portal.

New views in discussion forum

In the brand new discussion forum you will find two different views, a list view and a full view, where you will get a better overview of your discussions.

Like and new discussion

In the discussion forum you may now easier see what is new. You may also like different entries.

Annotations in the browser

Now you can add annotations on PDF files on the web as well as in the app. Open a file (Open and annotate) to make notes on the document.

Synchronized notes

All notes you create on your documents, whether it is on tablet, phone, or desk top, will synchronize and you may easily access them from all your devices.
Available from the end of March.

Print notes

Print documents with your annotations from the TeamEngine previewer.

The document list

Through a new icon you may easliy spot which files containing notes. The document list is also available in a new mobile mode and you may sort the list in both ascending and descending order.

New admin overview

The admin page has been given an easier and clearer design. You may now see the amount of used disk space, number of members as well as the number of sent sms.

Access control

The access control to set different permissions for access groups has been simplified in the module control.

Access groups

An easier way to create, edit and remove access groups.

Invite members

A simplified view for sending invitations to the workspace. You may easily select the correct access group with a single click.

Double sided printing

When printing multiple PDFs you may now select you wish a double sided print without getting two documents in the same page.

Information about what is new in TeamEngine

After login, users will receive a clear overview of what is new in the latest release.

Improved for notes in TeamEngine app

The annotator in the app has been improved in many ways. Among other things are better annotation tools, search in documents, you may open password-protected files, you may see table of content for PDFs as well as notes will be automatically synchronized and saved. The annotator now also works on Iphone.
Available from the end of March.

E-signing in the app

Documents with e-signing can now be signed directly in the app. You may easily spot which files you shall sign and one time password e-signing is supported.
Available from the end of March.

A new view for the document list

There are now two views for the document list in TeamEngine app. You may either view files as a grid or as a list. The sorting of documents has also been improved.
Available from the end of March.

Version 9.4


We are launching e-signing

You may now digitally sign PDF files directly in TeamEngine. When you activate e-signing for a document, you may choose which members shall the document and whether signing should be done with one time password for even higher security.

HTML5 uploader

HTML5 uploader for Chrome

Since the browser Chrome no longer supports Java we now launch an HTML5 uploader for Chrome. You canmay easily drag and drop the files you wish to upload and also see the progress for each file.

New email design

Emails has a new design

All emails sent from your TeamEngine workspace have been updated and given a new design.

Version 9.3.1

New editor

A new and better editor

A new text editor is implemented in TeamEngine to make it easier to create entries. The new editor is built with modern technologi and works in all browsers and tablets.

One Time Password in the app

One Time Password is now available for the TeamEngine app

One Time Password increases the security when loging in to TeamEngine from the app or desktop. For more information and enabling of One Time Password, please contact info@teamengine.com

Version 9.3

Guides in TeamEngine

Guides for easier learning

To easier get started we have created some startup guides. The guides will open up the first time you log in to your TeamEngine workspace. You will find them in the top menu at all times.

Mobile friendly

Desktop version adapted for mobile devices

To access all features in TeamEngine you may now, in addition to using the app, log in to TeamEngine through your mobile browser. The desktop verison of TeamEngine is now adapted for mobile devices, which will help you to easily navigate and get access to all information.

Version 9.2.5

Index number

Use index numbers

You may now use the index number in a document list to make it easier to refer to files, but also give you the ability to sort files in the order you wish.

Discussion forum


You may enable notification email to the workspace manager or to a particular access group when someone post a new entry in a discussion forum.


New look

The TeamEngine Help has got a new design and an improved search engine.

Other news

Last visit

In the memberlist you may now see when a user last visited this workspace. You willll find the lastest date in contact information.

Link to calendar entry

Invitation and broadcast emails now comes with a link to the meeting.

Version 9.2.4

Open and edit file

Easier editing

To make editing easier, a choice between opening or editing a file will appear when clicking on a name of a file.



You may enable watermark in our previewer. A watermark with username, workspace number and time will be shown on all pages.

Enhanced previewer

A lot of improvements have been made to the previewer. For example you may now preview Excel sheets.

Other news in document list

Table of content

You may print a table of content of all files in a workspace, or a specific document list.

Reminder for documents

Now you may ask TeamEngine to remind you with an email on a specific date, of a document to the workspace managers or an access group.

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