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Survey Manager

Powerful and user-friendly management of board evaluations

TeamEngine Survey Manager helps you manage your board evaluations in a smooth and structured way. Use our ready-made templates or create your own evaluation questions that are relevant for your board.

Templates for different types of evaluations

There are ready-made templates for different types of evaluations that you can use. Some examples of the ready-made templates that are available are board evaluations, CEO evaluations and employee evaluations. These templates are designed so that you can quickly get started with evaluations, but you can also adapt them so that they suit your needs even better.

Compare the results from different evaluations

With TeamEngine Survey Manager, you can easily compare the results of an evaluation that has been conducted several times to see how the results differ. You can quickly see changes and trends over decades, years or months. In this way, you can easily capture variances in the results.

Use Survey Manager for other types of surveys and evaluations

In addition to board evaluations, you can use the system to do other types of surveys such as CEO evaluations, employee surveys and for various forms of decisions where voting is used. The surveys can be done anonymously or so that you are able to see what each individual has answered.

Do a Pulse survey of your board with Survey Manager

In order to create a better picture of how well the board is working, it may be a good idea to carry out a short pulse survey after each meeting. In this way, you can fix any problems faster and work in an even more structured and professional way.

Safe, secure and with data storage in Sweden

TeamEngine operates in secure data centers in Sweden. All data is encrypted with modern cryptography and we follow the latest recommendations from the security industry. TeamEngine is ISO 27000 compliant.Read more about TeamEngine security.

Easy to get started and support 24/7

TeamEngine Survey Manager is ready to use and requires no installation or complicated server setups. Support and maintenance are always included with TeamEngine, 24/7, every day of the week.
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