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TeamEngine help

For detailed information about features in TeamEngine

To the TeamEngine help

Support issues - 24/7

For support issues send an e-mail to support@teamengine.com
or call +46 8 723 80 90

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Mail: info@teamengine.com

Stockholm: 08-723 80 90

New York: +1 646 568 53 44

London: +44 20 360 883 18

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Password and login

How do I change my password?

Login to TeamEngine and click on My Settings. Click on the button Change password and enter your current password and then choose a new password.

Forgot your password?

Click on the link Forgot your password? under the login box here on the webpage and enter your email address. A link for reseting your password will be sent to your email. Click on the link and enter a new password.

Can I login to TeamEngine from our own webpage?

Yes, it can be done. You just need to add a login form on your website. Contact us at info@teamengine.com and we will send you the HTML code.

Can I change the email address that I use in TeamEngine?

Yes. Login to TeamEngine, go to My Settings and press Change email address.

Settings in TeamEngine

How do I change my contact information?

Login to TeamEngine. Click on My Settings. The popup that opens are filled with the information about you and here you can change that information.

How do I invite new members?

Press Members in the main menu in TeamEngine. Then select Action – Invite members. Enter the e-mail addresses to the people you want to invite, one email adress per line and then press Send Invitation.

How do I edit my workspace?

To edit a workspace you have to be workspace manager at the workspace. If you are workspace manager you will have the option Admin under Workspace in the main menu. Here you can configure the left menu for example edit, add or remove modules. To change the colors and the banner on the workspace, press Action – Workspace settings and select the tab Layout, where the settings can be changed.


Activate Mobile BankID in TeamEngine

To log in to TeamEngine with Mobile BankID you first need to activate it for your TeamEngine account:

  1. Log in to TeamEngine with you username and password.

  2. When you have entered your portal, click on your name in the top right corner and choose My settings.

  3. In the first tab Contact information you will find the header Mobile BankID.

  4. Click on the button Activate BankID.

  5. First of all you need to verify the password for your TeamEngine account.

  6. Enter your personal number in the format yyyymmddxxxx.

  7. Click on Activate.

  8. Open the app BankID on the device on which you have installed Mobile BankID.

  9. Enter your security code in the BankID app and select Identify or Sign.

  10. If you are a member of a portal with one-time password enabled, you will receive a one-time password to your mobile. Enter this password to activate Mobile BankID for TeamEngine.

  11. Mobile BankID is now activated and you can from now on use Mobile BankID to log in to TeamEngine. Click on Close to return to My Settings.


What system requirements are needed to be able to use TeamEngine?

TeamEngine supports Windows, Mac, iPad and Android tablets. The supported browsers are Google Chrome the two latest versions, Mozilla Firefox version 43 or higher, Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge for Windows and Google Chrome the two latest versions, Mozilla Firefox version 43 or higher and Safari version 8 or higher for Mac. On iPad TeamEngine supports Safari 8 and on Android tablets Google Chrome.

Is there more help available?

When you are using TeamEngine, you have access to help system and manuals. For help within TeamEngine, you can either click on Help in the upper right corner of the main menu to bring up the startpage of the online help or select Help - Context help in a module to get information about that particular module.

Click here to go to TeamEngine help


Strong security with TeamEngine

ISO 27000

TeamEngine is ISO 27000 compliant.

Access management

TeamEngine runs on IBM Domino with all the built-in security that it comes with. Each TeamEngine workplace is its own database where access to the information is managed by roles and groups and can be controlled by workspace and by module. Each time a user tries to access something in TeamEngine their access rights are verified. Access rights are managed by the workspace manager.

All user activities such as login or changes in the workspace, are logged and saved. This information can be made available to the customer.


Passwords in TeamEngine are set according to the IBM Domino security level 13 and are stored hashed and salted.

Two-Way authentication

Login to TeamEngine can also be supplemented with one time password via text message.


All traffic to and from TeamEngine is encrypted with modern cryptographic and we follow the latest recommendations of the security industry.


Each TeamEngine workplace is its own database.

Data center

TeamEngine is hosted in Tier 3 classified data centers. Only authorized personnel from TeamEngine has access to the physical equipment.

The data centers are among other things equipped with advanced fire protection, patrolling security guards, locks, alarm, security cameras, automatic climate control and redundant power supplies.


TeamEngine operates and owns all hardware. We use a sophisticated monitoring system to monitor both hardware and software in detail. This means that we at any time of the day will find out if anything unexpected happens with the operations of TeamEngine. We also use redundant storage in both the production environment and the backup system to protect your valuable data against any hardware failure.

Security patching is automatic and if a restart is required, this occurs at night, CET, under supervision.

Intrusion Detection

We track, log and automatically turn off systems or users if we believe different types of intrusions are taking place, such as brute force attacks. We also use IPS to monitor traffic to and from servers, and regularly conduct penetration tests in order to detect weaknesses in the systems.

TeamEngine uses certified partner for secure deletion of data on any media that may contain customer data (including exchange of disks).


All TeamEngine Workspaces data are backed up every day. The backups are stored encrypted in a different geographical location then the production environment for up to 6 months. To ensure that backups are working, we perform, “fire drills” where we restore the entire system from a backup. In this way we ensure that the backups are correct and that we are always prepared for an emergency.

Mobile Devices

To protect information stored on mobile devices, smartphone/tablets encryption and remote wipe is available.


All employees of TeamEngine are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Samsung KNOX

The TeamEngine App is tested and available for Samsung KNOX users.

More information

For more information please contact: info@teamengine.com

TeamEngine Collaboration Software AB
Tulegatan 39, 113 53 Stockholm, Sweden
E-mail info@teamengine.com
24/7 +46 8 723 80 90
Stockholm +46 8 723 80 90 (mon-fri 8-17)
New York (646) 568 53 44 (mon-fri 8AM-12PM)
London 020 360 883 18 (mon-fri 8AM-5PM)